Nothing in this world beats an ultimate electric pencil sharpener. Manual ones are just too old fashioned and not cool at all. Electric ones are highly effective and they come in awesome designs. They are easy to use and they aren’t expensive at all.

I wanted one ever since I was a kid in primary school. Whoever had one, was the most popular kid in the classroom, so why you let your child become a rockstar in his school?

There are hundreds of different pencil sharpeners available, so picking the best one is hard and time consuming. We have analyzed hundreds of them and ranked them based on their price, features and overall ratings. All products listed below cost less than $50 (shipping included).

Best 5 Pencil Sharpeners:


Different Types of Pencil Sharpeners:

If you can’t stand blunt pencils, you will be happy to have any pencil sharpener around. Here are the differences between 2 different types:

Manual: Manual ones have no moving parts and they offer plenty of control. They are small enough to be carried around in any small bag and they usually cost less than $5.

Electric: They are much easier to operate with, but they are not so convenient. Some of them require batteries and some require electric outlet to operate. Most advanced ones also come with auto-stop function, which detects precisely when the pencil is sharp enough, so they stop working. This increases the lifespan of a pencil!

Auto-Stop feature:

First powered sharpeners weren’t very precise and we all had to guess when our pencils were sharp enough. Today’s modern electric devices often come with auto-stop feature, which is simply a must-have for preventing over-sharpening and making the process easier and faster. This feature only comes with powered and only the most advanced manual sharpeners.

Top 5 Reviews:

We have went through hundreds of different products throughout the internet. We have ranked them based on their features, price, overall customer satisfaction and ratings, so you don’t have to spend hours researching by yourself. All of the products listed below are great buys, but much of it comes down to personal preference. Which one should you buy? It’s up to you!

School Smart Adjustable

If you want the absolute best electric pencil sharpener on the market, School Smart Adjustable Electric is one of your best possible choices. It’s recommended for teachers, students and any kind of office use.

It comes with a heavy-duty motor which is powerful enough for any high volume classroom use, so you don’t have to worry about overheating problems. It has 3 different holes (large, medium and small), so it’s appropriate for any sized pencil. Shavings receptacle is large enough for long use and it’s easy to remove and empty. Check out our complete review on our website.

X-Acto School Pro Heavy-Duty

X-Acto sharpener was designed by teachers for heavy-duty classroom use. It doesn’t have a standard auto-stop function, but it has a patented guard that prevents over-sharpening just like auto-stop function on other similar electric devices.

One thing that stands out is a heavy-duty motor that is very quiet and smooth, so you don’t wake up your neighbors early in the morning. Shaving receptacle is large enough for heavy-duty use and when it’s removed, SafeStart function prevents X-Acto sharpener to operate, so it is safe to use.

It is assembled in USA and it comes with 2-year warranty. Complete list of features is available on our website.

Westcott Axis iPoint for Home or Office

Westcott Axis iPoint evolution comes with the best design of them all in our opinion. It’s futuristic, but classy, so it fits into any modern office. It also comes with a huge 5-year warranty, so it is one of the best products in this area and an ultimate choice for many people.

Smooth and heavy-duty motor is quiet enough, so coworkers at the office won’t get irritated when it’s used. The overall quality of Westcott brand is second to none and huge 5-year warranty proves it. If you are looking for a sharpener with sleek and modern design for your office, this is definitely a product you should take into consideration. You are welcome to find complete review on our website.

What about the best manual pencil sharpener?

If electricity isn’t for you and you want the best manual device possible, don’t worry, there are plenty of products to choose from. Even the best manual devices nowadays have auto-stop function, which prevents pencils from over-sharpening.

CARL Angel-5 Manual Pencil Sharpener

CARL Angel-5 is on top of our list of manual sharpeners because of its highly advanced features and attractive (kind of old school) design. It has everything you could expect from a top-end device, including auto-stop feature.

There are 3 different designs to choose from – black, red and blue, so you will definitely find the one that suits perfectly on your desk. Some people aren’t satisfied with lifespan of these kind of devices, but rotary cutter of CARL Angel-5 is good for more than 5000 uses. That means you can sharpen your pencil twice per day for almost 7 years before you need to change it. On top of that, replacement parts like handle assembly and rotary cutter are available for an affordable price.


Do you have your own favorite? Share your picks with us in comments section at the bottom of this page, or find your own favorite in reviews area.

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